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Over the recent years humanity has been actively studying the genetics of cannabis and its medicinal properties. The obvious superiority over previously used medicines in the treatment of a number of diseases based on the active substances contained in cannabis such as THC and CBD have already been appreciated by numerous medical associations around the world. The World Health Organization is not an exception.
In 2020 cannabis and THC and CBD containing medicines are used to treat more than 40 types of diseases of various nature and symptoms.
Numerous works, dissertations, articles, presentations, seminars, conferences and thematic exhibitions around the world allowed us to collect enough material and information from open sources for the best medical properties visualization of different genetics presented in the THC-CBD seed bank.
Despite wide cannabis kinds variety that exists today, not all are suitable for medical use. Specialists in THC-CBD have selected, stabilized and feminized the kinds with the most expressed medical properties which are effective in the treatment and prevention of many diseases. We are happy to introduce to you.

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