The use of CBD in medicine

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CBD has been open to widespread use relatively recently. It is the second most common active ingredient in cannabis (marijuana). It is obtained directly from the hemp plant. It is one of hundreds of other components contained in marijuana, and by itself it does not cause “HIGH”. According to the report of the World Health Organization: “For people, CBD does not show effects indicating any abuse or potential dependence …”. To date, there is no evidence of any public health problems associated with the use of pure CBD.

This component has been found to be most effective in the treatment of epilepsy. When using CBD, the number of seizures in patients was significantly reduced.

CBD is also widely used as a sleeping pill to suppress anxiety in patients.

With CBD, it has been possible to suppress the two most complex types of chronic pain:

1. CBD applied to the skin can help reduce pain and inflammation due to arthritis.
2. CBD suppresses inflammatory and neuropathic pain

CBD is also used for PMS pain relief

Of course, additional human studies in this area are still needed to support CBD proponents of pain control.

CBD can have an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin used to treat acne and other inflammatory skin diseases, but further studies are also needed to confirm this.


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